Rod of Asclepius

Staff, rare (requires attunement)

Asclepius, son of Apollo, is the Greek god of healing and medicine. His rod represents the rejuvenating aspect of medicine and is seen as a single serpent coiling around a rod. This is often confused with the Caduceus Staff, a symbol of the god Hermes, as the two share similar iconography — the Caduceus Staff displays an additional snake and wings. The serpent symbolically can represent rebirth through the shedding of its skin or the dual nature of physicians as agents of life and death.

Hippocratic Oath. At the end of a combat, if you have not dealt any damage during the entire combat, your next roll to heal damage automatically rolls the highest possible number on every die. This benefit must be used within one hour of the combat.

Physician. While not in combat, you gain advantage on Medicine skill checks.

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