Rod of Focusing

Rod, rare (requires attunement)

This stone or crystalline rod is graven with magical runes representing the different schools of magic and the four primal energy types of acid, cold, lightning, and fire, and it aids in focusing magical energies of the school or energy to which it is attuned. When you attune to this rod, you must also cast a spell of the desired school or that deals the appropriate damage type, causing the rune corresponding to its school of magic or type of energy to glow faintly. If you chose a school of magic, your DCs for that school of magic increase by 1. If you choose a type of energy, DC of spells that deal that type of damage increase by 1. You can cast a new spell into the rod of spell focusing at any time.

You can use detect magic at will, though this detects only magic of the rod’s attuned school or element.

Epic Attunement. You can cast a second spell into the rod, causing a second rune to glow. You can change either of these spells at any time by storing a new spell into the rod.

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