Rod of Forcefangs

Rod, uncommon (requires attunement by a sorcerer or wizard)

This twisted rod of crystal and stone has 1 charge, which it regains each day at dawn. Once attuned, you can use that charge to cast magic missile or shield. In addition, whenever if you are targeted with an effect that deals force damage while wielding the rod of forcefangs, you can use a reaction to dispel that effect, as if you had cast dispel magic. If the effect is dispelled, the rod gains 1 charge per level of the spell you dispelled.

It cannot gain more than 9 charges each day in this fashion; any force effects beyond this limit cannot be dispelled and affect you normally. You can use these absorbed charges to cast magic missile from the rod, including increasing the spell’s level by 1 per charge (maximum 3rd level).

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