Rod of Shadow Puppetry

Rod, rare

This simple, bamboo rod is dyed black using an ink perfected by the wayangs that causes it to absorb light and cast no shadow. Three times per day, the wielder of a rod of shadow puppetry can paralyze a creature for 10 rounds as a standard action by touching the rod to its shadow. A DC 17 Wisdom save negates this effect, and a creature that failed its saving throw can attempt a new saving throw each round at the end of its turn to end the condition. Additionally, the wielder can attempt to control the actions of a creature that she has paralyzed with a rod of shadow puppetry.

As an action, she can direct one such creature to take one action of her choice on her turn as though the creature wasn’t paralyzed. This action must be purely physical; she cannot force the creature to cast spells, activate magic items, or use other special abilities that require activation. Abilities that function automatically, like a snake’s venomous bite, function normally.

The creature continues to take this action until its directions are changed or until it cannot do so anymore. If the creature is commanded to do something obviously harmful to itself, it immediately receives a new saving throw with advantage before taking the action.

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