Rod of the Ebb Tide

Rod, legendary

This 2-foot-long baton is constructed of blue coral grown to link 13 large misshapen pearls. The rod grants you a +2 bonus to AC against aquatic creatures (GM’s discretion but at a minimum any creature with a swim speed). You can use the rod to send any non-native aquatic creature back to its home plane with a successful attack roll if the creature fails a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw. You can dispel a spell which has a water or aquatic component by touch, as if using dispel magic but affecting only the spell effect touched. If you touch a summoned aquatic creature, you can dispel the effect that brought it; if the creature is non-native, it must still succeed at a DC 17 Wisdom save to avoid banishment.

In addition to its above uses, a rod of the ebb tide can be used to cast a hallow spell.

This adds the following additional effects (and restrictions) to the hallow spell.

  • The range of the spell is increased to 1-mile.
  • Only aquatic creatures are affected.
  • All creatures within 1 mile of the rod of the ebb tide gain a +2 bonus to AC and advantage on saving throws against aquatic effects or effects created by aquatic creatures.
  • A creature attempting to use a spell that is related to water (even a harmless effects) must succeed at a DC 20 spell attack check or the effect fails. Even if the effect succeeds, the caster must repeat this check every round at the beginning of its turn or the effect is dispelled; this does not apply to instantaneous effects.
  • Aquatic creatures cannot be summoned into the area of the rod of the ebb tide, and if they enter the area by other means they must succeed on a DC 17 Wisdom save once per minute or be banished. A creature holding the rod of the ebb tide automatically succeeds on checks to overcome its power.

So long as the rod of the ebb tide remains stationary the hallow spell’s duration is changed to indefinite. It must remain stationary (relative to its surroundings; it can be used to create this effect while mounted on a ship) while serving as a focus in this way. If it is moved and not replaced within 1 round, the effects are suppressed until it is restored to its position. If not replaced within 1 minute or if the rod of the ebb tide is destroyed, these effects end immediately.

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