Rod of The Heavens

Rod, legendary (requires attunement by a good creature)

A powerful weapon against evil beings, this rod is nearly 2 feet of pure silver inlaid with gold sigils. Once per long rest, the rod can deliver 3d10 radiant damage to any evil target within 30 feet to which it has line of effect. The target may make a Dexterity saving throw against DC 20 for half damage. The attack leaves the target stunned for 1d4 rounds. The rod can only be used with a clear view of the sky: outside, through a hole in a roof, or through a glass or crystal ceiling. The blast does not emanate from the rod itself but is rather a bolt from the heavens. While the rod does not automatically give the user the ability to detect the alignment of their target, it won’t work if the target is of good or neutral alignment. If the target is currently using an item that would impact how their alignment is perceived, the rod functions on their apparent alignment. If an evil individual attempts to attune the item, the rod explodes in their hands with the effects above.

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