Rod of the Monkey King

Rod, uncommon

This simple, iron rod is made in the likeness of the sacred weapon of the monkey king and is caped with a golden band at each end with an inscription that reads “The Compliant Rod.” When in this state, the rod is the size of a sewing needle and weighs nothing. While in this form, the wielder gains a +4 bonus on Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) checks made to conceal the weapon.

When the wielder issues the command word as a bonus action, a rod of the monkey king grows in size to suit the wielder’s needs, becoming a club, greatclub, or quarterstaff appropriately sized for its wielder. The wielder chooses what kind of weapon that the rod of the monkey king transforms into and in this state, the rod of the monkey king is a +1 weapon of the chosen kind.

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