Roofrunner’s Buckler

Armor (shield), rare

This +1 buckler has patchwork coloring and has a slight flare around its edges.

By setting a roofrunner’s buckler down and speaking a command word, a creature weighing no more than 500 lbs. may step onto the buckler and, as an action, hover across ground or open air, moving no more than 30 feet in one direction before it stops. The rider may stop the buckler and deactivate it as a free action before it reaches 30 feet, but once it moves 30 feet, it deactivates automatically and goes to the ground. Any creature on the buckler when it deactivates falls, unless it casts feather fall or uses other similar precaution.

A roofrunner buckler must start on solid ground to be activated.

A creature fighting while riding the buckler is unsteady, having disadvantage on attack rolls and granting advantage on the attack rolls of enemies attacking them. Casting a spell while riding the buckler requires a DC 10 Constitution save to focus with enough concentration to cast the spell. The buckler cannot change directions mid-air; it must be deactivated and reactivated to pick a new direction.

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