Weapon (maul), legendary (requires attunement)

The sides of the weapon head are engraved with his face and bracketed with runes of power. The top of the head is spiked, allowing the wielder to do piercing damage.

Runehammer is a +2 maul, it has the following additional properties.

  • Sentience. A runehammer is a sentient lawful good weapon with an Intelligence of 10 a Wisdom of 10 and a Charisma of 18. The weapon can speak, read and understand dwarvish and communicates with its wielder via vibration. One vibration for yes, two for no, and three for maybe. He can also shorten or elongate vibrations to comminate his enthusiasm or disgust.
  • Personality. Raldurin will, more than likely, allow a dwarf to wield him, but he may try to control other races u n t i l he finds a dwarven warrior worthy of his name.

The runehammer’s special purpose is to slay orcs (and black orcs). Against these enemies, eyes glow a pale blue and the weapon strikes for an extra 2d6 points of damage. The hammer can also detect orcs within 50 feet and gemstones within 30 feet.

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