Séance Candle

Wondrous item, uncommon

Usually dead black or bone white, a séance candle burns for 1 hour.

While alight, it attracts the lingering vestiges of dead spirits to come and whisper to the living or provide clues to answer their questions when they meditate upon the desired information in the light of the candle, depending on the amount of time spent.

  • 10 Minutes: You have advantage with any saving throws or skill checks associated with divination spells you cast, and the target has disadvantage on saves to resist them.
  • 20 Minutes: Ask a single question of a corpse, as speak with dead (DC 14).
  • 60 Minutes: Perform a legend lore spell related to a specific individual. If a ghost is present when a séance candle is lit it provides the answers; any creature within 5 feet of the candle gains advantage to skill checks to notice or interact with the haunt. The candle enables to the haunt to manifest more fully, and any save DCs against it are increased by 1 if the ghost is within 5 feet of the séance candle. If the séance candle is extinguished prematurely, 10 minutes of its burning time is wasted but no benefit is gained.
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