Sapling Rod

Rod, rare

This flexible green rod resembles a limbless tree, branch, or curling vine.

The wearer has advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks and their movement is never impeded by plants unless they are magically controlled. As an action, the wielder can grant this ability to all allies within 20 feet for 1 minute, though this effect ends immediately if the sapling rod leaves the wielder’s hand.

If thrust into the ground and allowed to stand for 1 hour, the sapling rod grows into a tree with a 1-footthick trunk, up to 30 feet tall and with a canopy covering a 10-foot radius. It brings forth blossoms and also 2d4 pieces of nutritious fruit equivalent to goodberries, but each restores 2d8 hit points. Instead of healing hit point damage, the eater can choose for the fruit to remove the blinded, deafened, or poisoned condition or can remove one level of exhaustion. A sapling rod can remain in tree form indefinitely but it blooms only once.

It can be returned to its normal size as an action, and after doing so it cannot resume tree form again for 7 days.

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