Scale Polish

Wondrous item, rare

This small clay urn contains a scintillating paste which allows the user to cast magic it could not cast normally. Any caster may cast up to 3 levels of spells into the jar (a cantrip is considered a 1st-level spell for this purpose). These must be non-harmful spells that the caster can use on themselves. The magic of these spells is stored in the scale polish.

If you are a reptilian creature (including dragons or humanoids with the reptilian subtype), you can apply the scale polish to your own scales as an action and gain the ability to cast the imbued spells. Your Hit Dice or level must be at least twice the level of a stored spell you wish to cast, and you must have a minimum Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score of 12. When you cast one of the stored spells, it only affects you even if it normally could affect multiple creatures. Once you apply the spell polish, you must use the spells within 24 hours or the magic fades. A jar of scale polish can be used only once.

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