Scroll of Passage

Scroll, rare (requires attunement)

This seemingly blank scroll of somewhat weathered parchment can be unrolled against a wall as an action and commanded to open a passage. The image of a doorway appears on the parchment, at first as a crude drawing but rapidly becoming more realistic over 1d3 rounds, until it forms an actual doorway.

The scroll of passage can create a doorway only through walls up to 6 inches thick. If the wall is too thick for the scroll to work, or if the other side of the wall is blocked by furniture, stone or dirt, or some other blockage, or leads out into water or other liquid, the scroll reveals only an illegible scribble and does not function. You can reach through the opening and pull the scroll of passage through after you as an action, closing the doorway and returning the wall to its original state. The scroll can be used up to three times and then does not function until its attuned owner completes a long rest.

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