Scroll of Shaping

Scroll, uncommon

When you prepare spells for the day, you can scribe one spell that affects a cone, cube, cylinder, sphere, or line on the scroll of spell shaping in order to alter its area to a different shape than normal. If you do not cast the spell before you next prepare spells, the scroll of spell shaping fades and you can inscribe another spell. Once you cast the reshaped spell, roll 1d20. If the result is less than the spell’s level, the scroll crumbles to ash. If not, it can be reused.

You can alter spell dimensions as described below.

It cannot affect spells whose areas are not listed below.

Close Spells: You can switch the spell’s area between a cone, cube, or line. Regardless of its shape, the spell’s point of origin is you.

Cone Cube Line
15 ft. 10 ft. 30 ft.
30 ft. 20 ft. 120 ft.
50 ft. 30 ft. 240 ft.
60 ft. 40 ft. 360 ft.

Ranged Spells: You can switch the spell’s area between a cube, cylinder, or sphere. The spell’s point of origin must be at least 10 feet away from you.

Cube Sphere Cylinder 10 ft. 5-ft. radius 10-ft. diameter, 10 ft. tall 15 ft. 10-ft. radius 15-ft. diameter, 30 ft. tall 20 ft. 15-ft. radius 20-ft. diameter, 40 ft. tall 30 ft. 20-ft. radius 25-ft. diameter, 60 ft. tall 40 ft. 25-ft. radius 30-ft. diameter, 80 ft. tall 50 ft. 30-ft. radius 40-ft. diameter, 100 ft. tall
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