Scroll of Spellstealing

Scroll, varies

This curious scroll is inscribed with mystic symbols all around its edges, but the central portion of the scroll is blank. As an action, you can read the spellstealing scroll and use it to end a spell within 60 feet. This is similar to dispel magic, but you do not automatically end a spell of 3rd level or lower. If the check fails, the target spell is unaffected, but you can try again on subsequent round.

If you successfully dispel a spell of 1st level (or higher level, for more powerful scrolls of spellstealing), the magic of that spell is leached into the scroll of spellstealing and it becomes a spell scroll of that spell. Once you use the spell scroll (either to cast it or copy it into your spellbook), it crumbles to dust.

Scroll of… Rarity Ability Maximum Level of Stolen Spell
Spellstealing Uncommon +5 1st
Greater Spellstealing Rare +7 3rd
Superior Spellstealing Very rare +9 5th
Perfect Spellstealing Legendary +11 8th
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