Serpent Arrow

Wondrous item, common (does not require attunement)

This is a strange golden arrow with a snake head instead of a normal arrow head.

Radiates: Conjuration magic (unstable).


  • When you loose this arrow from a bow, it does no damage to the creature or object struck, but immediately transforms itself into a swarm of poisonous snakes. The swarm attacks any creatures present for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1), then vanishes unless killed sooner. The arrow is destroyed in the process. After you loose the arrow, a tiny snake bite appears on the hand you loosed the arrow with. You immediately suffer the poisoned condition (no save) for as long as the swarm remains.

Special: If you choose to attune to this item, you are not poisoned by the arrow and the arrow is not destroyed when you loose it. Instead, it reforms itself 1 round after the swarm vanishes or is killed. You may use the arrow’s power once between long rests.

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