Servant Samovar

Wondrous item, rare

This enchanted samovar gleams with shiny fittings and filigree, as though it were being continuously polished by unseen hands to remain untarnished.

You can use a servant samovar to brew potent herbal and medicinal teas, a process which takes 10 minutes, but gives you advantage on Intelligence (Medicine) checks you make within a minute of brewing. The samovar additionally has 3 charges which it can use to brew magical teas:

  • The first tea requires you to expend 1 charge and command the servant samovar as an action to brew it, ready to drink by the end of your next turn. This tea affects the drinker as a lesser restoration spell.
  • The second tea expends 3 charges.

You pour a potion into the samovar and command it to brew tea, ready to drink 1 round later. You must consume the tea to request the aid of house spirits, such as domovoi, dvorovoi, ovinnik, and their like. The magic of the samovar calls one of these spirits to serve you. The CR of the house spirit cannot exceed the spell level of the potion you used to summon it. The house spirit serves you as if called by conjure woodland beings, however it can remain up until the following dawn. The spirit avoids combat whenever possible, but if forced to fight, it vanishes after 1d4 rounds and does not return unless summoned again. Once per minute, a house spirit (including any other house spirits not bound to serve you) can drink from the samovar as an action, affecting them the same as consuming a single goodberry.

You may dismiss the house spirit at any time as an action, but if it is killed, you have disadvantage on all checks to influence fey creatures for a year and a day.

The servant samovar regains 1d3 expended chargers after each dawn.

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