Shield of the Encroaching Forest

Armor (shield), very rare (requires attunement)

This +1 shield is covered in vines and looks more like a thriving plant than a tool for battle. The shield quietly creeps along the ground, and despite its size does not interfere with Stealth checks.

You can use an action to command these vines to provide additional protection for 1 minute, during which time the vines automatically deflect the first ranged weapon attack each round that targets the wielder or any adjacent creature. The wielder cannot suppress this deflection to save the effect for a possible later ranged attack; however, ineffectual ranged attacks, such as throwing non-damaging objects, do not trigger this deflection. The vines cannot deflect spell attacks or projectiles from unusually large ranged weapons, such as siege weapons.

In addition, the shield allows you to transform yourself and up to 5 allies into trees for up to one hour. If any of the transformed trees take any damage, the effect ends early. Each of these abilities can be used once, and recharge at the next dawn.

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