Shirt of Nessus

Wondrous item, legendary

Heracles and his wife Deianeira ventured to cross a river and were offered help by the centaur, Nessus. After assisting Deianeira across, leaving Heracles on the other side, Nessus attempted to force himself on Deianeira. With quick aim, Heracles shot Nessus with an arrow dipped in the poisonous blood of the Lernaean Hydra. As Nessus died, he feigned regret and implored Deianeira to take his shirt as a magic token to keep her husband faithful. Deianeira naively agreed. Years later, when Heracles grew fond of another woman, Ino, Deianeira gifted Heracles the shirt. As soon as he put it on, he was overwhelmed with unbearable pain. This suffering was so unbearable that Heracles built his own funeral pyre and ended his mortal life. Thus passed Heracles into godhood.

Agonizing Decay. While wearing the shirt, you suffer constant horrible pain. You are unable to gain the benefit of a short or long rest and immediately gain a level of exhaustion. Every sunrise, you gain another level of exhaustion.

Removing the Shirt. Once the shirt has been put on, it cannot be removed or destroyed by normal means. To end the suffering and remove the shirt, the spell greater restoration must be cast as many times as necessary to remove all levels of exhaustion gained. Once all levels of exhaustion have been removed, the pain subsides and the shirt may be removed.

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