Sickle of Thorns

Weapon (sickle), uncommon (requires attunement)

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. As an action, you can swing the sickle to cut nonmagical vegetation up to 60 feet away from you. Each cut is a separate action with one action equaling one swing of your arm. Thus, you can lead a party through a jungle or briar thicket at a normal pace, simply swinging the sickle back and forth ahead of you to clear the path. It can’t be used to cut trunks of saplings larger than 1 inch in diameter. It also can’t cut through unliving wood (such as a door or wall). When you hit a plant creature with a melee attack with this weapon, that target takes an extra 1d6 slashing damage. This weapon can make very precise cuts, such as to cut fruit or flowers high up in a tree without damaging the tree.

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