Siege Shot, Elemental

Weapon (ammunition), rare

This enchanted stone bursts upon impact after being launched by a cannon, catapult, trebuchet, or similar siege weapon. After dealing damage, the stone shatters and releases a Huge elemental of a type designated by the creator of the elemental siege shot.

Elemental Shot. This shot has the same attack bonus, range, and damage as a typical shot from a siege weapon of its type. In addition, after dealing damage, a single elemental creature of challenge 5 or lower (chosen by the creator of the item when it is crafted, or determined randomly if this item is discovered as treasure) appears within 10 feet of the point of impact and attacks any creatures nearby. This effect is similar to conjure elemental but does not require concentration. The elemental disappears when it drops to 0 hit points or after 1 minute.

Kingdom Rules. This elemental is treated as a temporary Hero army (see Table 3-5: Army Size and Statistics) with Acr 3 that attacks for one Battle Phase and then is automatically destroyed.

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