Sigils of The Gatekeeper

Wondrous item, very rare

The Realm holds doors to many different worlds, most older than the mortal kingdoms, and not all these doors are left unguarded. Some of the more volatile portals are sealed with a sigil, carved onto a smooth palm-sized stone set near or on the portal. Who created the sigils is a mystery lost to the eons. Over the years, treasure hunters have located and removed the majority of them, selling them for extravagant prices on the black markets. Although there were once rumored to be hundreds, today they are incredibly rare outside of the shadier circles. These sigils can be used to lock any door, magical or mundane, and once in place are difficult to remove short of destroying the sigil itself. Each sigil is unique, and a successful DC 13 Intelligence (Arcana) or Intelligence (History) check will reveal which portal the sigil came from. Once the sigil is removed from its portal of origin, the portal becomes unstable and will open at random, often spewing forth unimaginable horrors. As such, it is considered a crime in every kingdom to remove or be caught trafficking in these sigils, although that doesn’t stop determined thieves or rich buyers with things they would rather keep hidden.

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