Singularity Grenade

Weapon, rare

This six-inch wide metal sphere features a single detonator button that, when depressed, determines the delay on the grenade’s explosion. A singularity grenade defaults to explode on impact once triggered (as part of the action used to throw it). Alternatively, it may be set to detonate anywhere between 1 to 10 rounds after being thrown. It has a range of 20 feet/60 feet.

When a singularity grenade explodes it causes 35 (10d6) force damage to everything within a 30-foot radius burst and creates a gravity well in the explosion area with a tiny black marble of nothingness at the center of the explosion-a singularity, or miniature black hole. All light levels within the radius of a singularity grenade’s explosion drop depending on proximity to the singularity. Squares within 5 feet of the explosion epicenter are heavily obscured as if in total darkness, squares within 10 to 15 feet from the epicenter are lightly obscured by dim illumination, and squares beyond that are normal illumination. No mundane or magical light sources can improve the illumination within the explosion radius. Treat all squares within the 30- foot radius explosion of a singularity grenade as difficult terrain. These effects persist for 1 round after damage is dealt.

On the next round following a singularity grenade’s explosion, the singularity collapses, pulling all creatures and objects remaining within the 30-foot blast radius in towards the center. Creatures that fail a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw are knocked prone and pulled into the closest square adjacent to the explosion epicenter and take an additional 35 (10d6) force damage. Unattended objects are automatically pulled. Creatures and objects reduced to 0 hp by a singularity grenade are pulled into the singularity and are disintegrated, leaving no remains behind.

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