Wondrous item, uncommon

Sklaggans use these strange balls of writhing worms to intercept and interpret the dreams of sleeping subjects. Users typically hide the skagappa near where a creature sleeps (such as under its pillow or bed). For the next seven days, any creature that finishes a long rest within 5 feet of the skagappa experiences fitful dreams. If a creature affected by the skagappa has at least one level of exhaustion, roll a 1d4. On a 1, the creature’s exhaustion level does not decrease with the long rest.

At any point during the seven days, a creature that can cast at least one divination spell can tap into the skagappa’s powers and learn 10 minutes’ worth of information about any creature whose sleep has been disturbed by the item. To do so, the creature must hold the skagappa, expend a spell slot of 1st-level or higher or one use of an innate divination spell, and succeed on a DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check. On a failed check, the spell slot or innate spell is wasted, though the caster can attempt the check again by expending another spell slot or innate spell. The same information is imparted about a given creature each time the skagappa is tapped into, but information about multiple creatures can be gleaned by activating the skagappa again.

Seven days after it was first placed near a creature’s bedside, the skagappa unravels and its constituent worms slither away, destroying the item.

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