Weapon (maul, skeletoy), rare

Skeletoys are objects that Underhell fiends use as their monstrous tools. Most of them are made up primarily of spinal columns and skulls, but other configurations also occur. Generally, mortals can’t use one of these items effectively unless they trick the skeletoy into believing they are fiends or acting under the direct orders of fiends; in such a case, the item will not oppose them until it realizes the truth. All skeletoys obey any fiend who commands them, or a minion acting on that fiend’s behalf. In case of conflicting commands, the skeletoy obeys the highest-ranking individual to give a command. All skeletoys have the same special purpose: to further the fiendish invasion and protect all Archlords.

This maul is made of a long spinal column with several skulls at one end. On a hit, this magic maul immediately makes a bite attack against the same target.

Skelemaul Bite. When the skelemaul bites, you make an attack roll for it using +7 to hit rather than your own attack modifier. Cover doesn’t apply against the skelemaul’s bite. On a hit, the skelemaul’s bite deals 1d8 piercing damage and you can use your bonus action to command the skelemaul to make a Strength (Athletics) check to grapple the target if the target is Medium or smaller. The skelemaul is proficient in the Athletics skill; its bonus on Strength (Athletics) checks is +5. The skelemaul must release the target before you can use the skelemaul to attack another target. The grappled creature can make a DC 13 Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) to escape as an action. The grapple also ends if you command the maul to release the target. The skelemaul can also be attacked and destroyed (AC 15; hp 15; vulnerability to bludgeoning damage; immunity to fire and poison damage).

Sentience. The skelemaul is a sentient neutral evil weapon with an Intelligence of 10, a Wisdom of 10, and a Charisma of 10. It has hearing and darkvision 90 ft. Its passive Wisdom (Insight) and Wisdom (Perception) scores are each 13. The skelemaul can speak, read, and understand Abyssal and Infernal. It generally taunts in one of those languages when confronted with non-fiends.

If the skelemaul opposes you, it can’t be commanded to stop grappling a target and once per turn after you make an attack with it, it makes a bite attack to hit you; if it hits you, it automatically grapples you.

Personality. A skelemaul is extremely vindictive. It resists any non-fiend that dares not actively further its goals or that opposes any fiend.

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