Skystrider Harness

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This lightweight body harness reduces the effects of gravity on the wearer, allowing you to perform amazing leaps. You can activate the harness for 1 round as a bonus action, reducing the effects of gravity on your person to one third of normal. While activated, the harness allows you to ignore any speed reduction from encumbrance and triples your jumping distance.

If desired, you can also deploy air foils from the harness at the apex of your jump (a distance equal to half the original jump), thereby controlling your descent to the ground as if you possessed a fly speed, but you must land at the end of your movement. You can only control your descent if you activate the air foils mid-jump. The low gravity effect is limited to you and what you are carrying when the harness is activated. The harness can be used up to 10 rounds each day. These rounds need not be used consecutively.

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