Sledge of the Great Bear

Wondrous item, very rare

This rough-hewn wooden sledge is 5 feet wide and 10 feet long, with a thick leather harness enabling it to be pulled by humanoids or draft animals. Engraved with primitive tribal carvings of bear totems, this conveyance allows you to carry great quantities of cargo or passengers. Any creature put in the harness has its carrying capacity doubled for the purpose of dragging, allowing it to drag up to 60 times its Strength score in pounds (this does not stack with other effects that increase carrying capacity). A creature in the harness also gains advantage on Constitution saves to avoid levels of exhaustion from fatigue.

You may stand on the sledge of the great bear to command it to change its shape into a cart, wagon, or sleigh with runners. Its approximate dimensions do not change, and in each form it is engraved with ursine figures. Once per week, you can summon a pair of brown bears or a single dire bear into the harness of the sledge. These bears can pull the wagon for up to 12 hours. They do not fight unless attacked, and even if attacked they always remain adjacent to the sledge. Creatures riding in the sledge while the bear(s) are present have partial cover against ranged attacks.

In order to command the sledge (other than enhancing the strength of creatures in the harness), you must issue commands in the speech of bears, requiring you to be polymorphed into a bear (including by wild shape or the animal or hybrid form of a werebear) or able to speak with animals when you issue commands.

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