Snowstone Scepter

Rod, very rare (requires attunement)

This scepter of smooth white stone grants you mastery over the swirling snows of winter. You can see without difficulty through fog, mist, snow, sleet, and similar weather conditions, and in addition he can concentrate to see through solid objects of ice and snow as if using a ring of x-ray vision.

The scepter also allows you to sculpt snow and ice into palaces of frozen glory. As an action, you can touch an inanimate object or surface up to a 5-foot square, shrouding it with a coat of frost that is permanent as long as the temperature remains below freezing. This frosty covering does not harm the object but obscures any details of the surface, such as writing or color, and in a snowy or icy environment creatures trying to find the object have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks.

With the snowstone scepter in hand, you gain a +1 bonus on spell attack rolls and increase the save DC by 1 for spells you cast dealing cold damage.

You also can cast the following spells once per day each; those that normally function on stone instead affect only objects or surfaces of snow or ice: conjure minor elementals (ice mephitis only), move earth, passwall, stone shape, wall of ice. In addition, twice per day you can transmute up to a 10-foot cube of snow into “snowstone,” making it as hard and durable as stone except that it takes full damage from fire.

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