Soulsafe Matryoshka

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This set of six nesting dolls can be used to store and safeguard your soul. You must meditate for an entire long rest to put a piece of your soul into one of the dolls and repeat this process for each doll you use.

Each time you place a bit of your soul into a doll, your C h a r i s m a ability score is reduced by 1. This Charisma reduction is cumulative and cannot be restored by any means except shattering a doll (see below). Once one or more dolls are shattered, you regain 1 point of Charisma for each shattered doll at the next dawn.

In the future, when you would be affected by an effect that would slay you outright, possess you, or trap your soul, you can use your reaction to divert the effect into a soulsafe matryoshka, negating the effect and shattering one of the dolls (or 1d4 dolls, if the effect is from a legendary action). The soulsafe matryoshka can be anywhere on the same plane, but neither it nor you can be within an area that blocks the passage of magic, such as an antimagic field or wall of force. If you are targeted by more than one valid effect to be diverted into a doll, then you may expend more than one soulsafe matryoshka in the same round.

If a soulsafe matryoshka is destroyed by anything other than your activation of it, your Charisma is permanently reduced by an amount equal to the number of dolls remaining. In addition, if a creature holds your soulsafe matyoshka while targeting you with a charm or compulsion effect, you have disadvantage on your save against that effect.

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