Spirit Samovar

Wondrous item, uncommon

This beautifully engraved and embossed tea decanter shines with a burnished gleam and can decant hot or cold tea upon command, dispensing one cup per round, up to 3 gallons, after which is cannot brew more until the next dawn. The samovar also has 3 charges that can be expended to brew magical teas that calm angry spirits and soothe the minds of those disturbed by them. Each tea requires 1 charge to brew. One tea allows a creature affected by possession that drinks from it to make a new saving throw to end the possession. The other tea is brewed by commanding the samovar to decant a cup of steaming tea into a cup of shimmering ectoplasm, rendering incorporeal creatures within 30 feet unable to take hostile actions for 1 minute unless attacked or targeted by hostile action first.

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