Spirit Scabbard

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This red leather scabbard is elegantly tooled and often crafted with a weapon stand for display. It can reshape itself as a sheath or scabbard for any blade or a carrying harness for any melee weapon except for reach weapons. When you attune yourself to the spirit scabbard, you can also attune the weapon it holds. You can change the weapon linked to the spirit scabbard each time you attune it. After attuning the spirit scabbard, you do not need to keep it attuned on subsequent days (though you cannot be linked to more than one spirit scabbard at a time) but you remain linked to the weapon stored within it for up to 30 days. You can call that linked weapon into your hand as a bonus action as long as you are on the same plane. This ends the link.

If you have the spirit scabbard on your person and are attuned to it, as an action you can instead send the weapon linked weapon to another willing creature on the same plane, causing it to teleport into their hand. If they do not wish to receive the weapon, it falls to the ground at their feet.

In addition to using the spirit scabbard to transport the stored weapon, you can use a bonus action to create a spirit-duplicate of the stored weapon that appears within 30 feet and makes a single melee attack against a target of your choosing. It deals damage equal to the weapon’s base damage plus your proficiency modifier, dealing radiant damage if you are good, force damage if you are neutral, or necrotic damage if you are evil.

This spirit-weapon persists for 1 minute (or until you dismiss it as a free action) and you can use a bonus action each round to cause it to move up to 30 feet and make another attack.

The spirit-weapon cannot be damaged but can be dispelled as a 2nd-level spell. Once the effect ends, you cannot activate it again until you complete a short rest. After using it a second time, you cannot use it again until you complete a long rest.

The weapon must be inside the spirit scabbard when you create its spirit duplicate, but after that it can be drawn and wielded normally.

Epic Attunement: When you have linked a weapon to the spirit scabbard, in addition to calling it to your hand you can send it back to the spirit scabbard as an action. If you use the spirit scabbard to send the weapon to another creature and they refuse to receive it, the linked weapon returns to the spirit scabbard rather than landing on the ground at the feet of the intended recipient. Returning a weapon in either of these ways reduces the remaining duration of the weapon’s link with the spirit scabbard by 1d6 days.

If you create a spirit-duplicate of your weapon, it deals radiant, force, and necrotic damage, each type of damage equal to the weapon’s normal base damage dice (you only add your proficiency modifier once to the total). As an action or bonus action, you can reapportion the damage dealt by the weapon so that it deals triple damage of one type and none of the other two, or it deals double damage of one type, normal damage of a second, and no damage of the third type.

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