Splitting Bolt

Weapon (bolt), uncommon

This peculiar bolt shifts in and out of phase, fluctuating between a material and an ethereal, shadowy state. When placed together, splitting bolts quickly adjust phases to oscillate in opposite frequencies; thus, a case or quiver of splitting bolts can fit 40 projectiles, twice as many usual. As a result of its unique physical properties, the splitting bolt has a 20% chance of negating cover or physical barriers in its path.

When shot from a crossbow, a splitting bolt creates numerous illusory copies of itself. The target of the ranged attack must make a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw to disbelieve the illusion. On a failure, the target is overwhelmed by the sudden hail of bolts and cannot react competently; the attacker gains advantage on this attack. A successful save allows a creature to automatically disbelieve the illusory property of all splitting bolts for the next hour.

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