Storage Hat

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This tall, conical hat has a wide, circular brim and is made of worn brown leather, which causes the point of the hat to slump faintly to one side. The interior of the bad is identical to a bag of holding.

Unlike a bag of holding, however, there is always a fresh supply of air going into the hat so there is no risk of suffocation. As an action, you can remove it from your head and name one creature or object stored inside, and then reach inside to pull out the creature or object. If no creature or object is named or if the named creature or object is not in the hat, you pull out a random creature or object. Additionally, as an action while wearing the hat, you can cause yourself to be pulled into the hat, leaving it behind. While inside the hat, you can exit it as an action. If the hat is destroyed, any creatures or objects within the hat remain trapped there. A plane shift spell or wish spell can be used to exit the destroyed hat.

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