Storm General’s Lance

Weapon (lance), very rare

Crafted from the bones of a blue dragon, this lance is layered with rings of sharpened bronze overtop its osseous form. Just past the grip of the lance is a concentric ring of 10 slots which lead into the shaft of the weapon. When the wielder inserts an arrow into a slot, the slot closes, the arrow is destroyed, and the lance gains one charge. Loading an arrow is a bonus action.

When the wielder strikes a foe with the lance, it does 1d6 additional lightning damage. The wielder can also expend charges in order to make ranged attacks with the storm general’s lance, discharging a jolt of lightning as a ranged weapon attack with a range of 60 feet. Each electrical jolt consumes one charge and deals 4 (1d6+1) points of lightning damage on a hit. These attacks benefit from feats that improve ranged weapons. Each time a charge is expended, a slot opens to allow a new arrow to be inserted.

Once per week, by slamming the butt of the lance into the ground, the wielder can conjure forth a chariot, emerging from the ground in a torrent of quickly dissipating sand. This chariot remains for 8 hours, during which it is pulled by two phantom steeds.

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