Sunwing Down

Wondrous item, very rare

This golden down feather sheds bright light for 30 feet and dim light for an additional 30 feet.

As an action, you can touch the feather to the corpse of a slain creature that died within the last 1,000 years. The target is restored to life at its maximum hit points, its body is restored, and its alignment becomes chaotic good. A creature restored to life in this manner can attempt a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw, preventing its alignment from changing on a success. Once this feather has been used, the magic fades and it becomes an ordinary, beautiful feather.

I appreciate diversity, but this is taking it too far. Each hellfire lord I have enc ountere d was unique in terrible and dangerous ways. If you thought hellfire would be a slightly worse experience than the breath of a dragon, I’m afraid I’ll have to cor rect you. There is nothing it will not burn; even m agic and one’s immortal soul are at r isk. Despite my b est (and con siderable) efforts, I h ave failed to t rack down the source of hellfire. Normal fiends draw power from their h ome planes, but hellfire appears geogra phically agnostic. Whatever is responsible must be ter rifically power ful an d too cunning for even archfiends to detect.

I’ve heard agents of Asmodeus have put out a considerable bounty for any useful infor mat ion, which prob ably had something to do with the r umore d “hellfire rebellion” sweeping the lower planes.

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