Surgeon’s Bag

Wondrous item, uncommon

This capacious bag has prominent and bulging pockets that store a ready supply of bandages, ointments, tinctures, and salves, along with surgical tools. The surgeon’s bag functions as a healer’s kit and an herbalism kit. The surgeon’s bag has 10 uses, but it replenishes 1d6 + 2 uses each day. A creature holding the surgeon’s bag can spend 1 use to gain advantage on a single Wisdom (Medicine) check.

A creature with a surgeon’s bag and a potion of healing of any type can spend 1 round and 1 use of the bag to mix additional ingredients from the surgeon’s bag to enhance that potion’s healing power; if drunk within 1 minute, the drinker regains an additional 1d4 hit points. Alternatively, the bag user can spend 1 round and 2 uses to transmute the potion, causing it to function as lesser restoration or to remove 1 level of exhaustion. This reduces the healing provided by the potion by 10 hit points (minimum 0).

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