Swarm Shield

Armor (shield), rare

This black-stained shield is decorated with painted insects, spiders, scorpions, or similar myriapods.

While holding the swarm shield, you have a +1 bonus to AC in addition to the shield’s normal bonus.

Swarms of Tiny creatures have disadvantage on attack rolls against you and you have resistance against damage from their attacks, including damage from poison, acid, or other extra damage from the creature’s attacks. You also have advantage on saving throws against any special attacks used by a swarm of Tiny creatures.

Attunement. A swarm shield does not require attunement for use of its normal abilities. If you choose to attune yourself to it, creatures with the Swarm ability cannot enter and occupy your space. In addition, as an action you can repel swarms of Tiny creatures so that they cannot come within 5 feet of you as long as you continue concentrating. If you move toward a Swarm of Tiny creatures while concentrating on repelling the swarms, they are forced to split their swarm and allow you to move through their space without harming you or creatures within 5 feet of you. If the swarm has 10 or more Hit Dice, it can attempt a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw to avoid being repelled.

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