Sword of Dragonkings

Weapon (longsword), artifact (requires attunement)

This artifact—a golden-hilted weapon with an indestructible ivory blade—was created by the Wizard-Priests of Ni-Gorth (see Chapter 5: History). It is a +3 longsword that scores a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20. Three times per day, you can enter a rage (like a barbarian) as a bonus action, with a rage damage bonus of +3.

Created while Father Claw was still bound by the fabled dragon chain, this blade was believed to help eliminate all chromatic dragons from the world, ensuring that humans and metallic dragons could live in peace forevermore. Now it is the traditional weapon of the head of House Dallimothan, and has been for more than five millennia.

It is the normal practice of the Inverted Pyramid to deactivate any thoughtstone that falls into the hands of an unauthorized user.

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