Swords of Lords

Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunement)

The Swords of Lords are each +1 longswords, each with an additional unique ability.

  • Deceit: This sword taps into the secretive side of the city. Deceit is immune to divinations—it cannot be detected, located, or seen through a scrying device. When you have it drawn, you are likewise protected.
  • Insight: This sword draws upon the collective knowledge of those in the city and imparts it to you. As your action, you can ask it a yes or no question pertaining to the city, a location within the city, or a creature or object in the city. The chance of the sword answering is 5 percent × your level. The answer is always correct. Once you ask a question of the sword, you can’t ask it another until the next dawn.
  • Power: This sword can mimic any single ability of any other sword in the city. Thus, it can take on the cold damage of a frost brand sword or adopt the protective aura of a holy avenger sword. It can even adopt a unique ability, such as “only someone wielding the sword Xelambras may pass through this doorway.” To change the property of the sword, you must spend ten minutes concentrating on it, and you must be directly familiar with the property being duplicated (which is to say, you must have seen or studied the property of that sword). Once you change the property of the sword, you can’t do so again until the next dawn.Thoughtstone
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