Tactician’s Treatise

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This detailed volume of soldiers’ stories contains a wealth of battlefield wisdom, including innumerable combat tricks and skills and how to use them to best effect. When you are attuned to the tactician’s treatise, you gain advantage on Intelligence checks related to battlefields and warfare, including weapons, armor, sieges, and fortifications. In addition, whenever you give or receive advantage from the Help action, the one receiving advantage also gains a +1 bonus on the d20 roll.

In addition, while attuning the tactician’s treatise you can inscribe one specifically combat-related feat that you possess with that creature, such as Alert, Dual Wielder, Great Weapon Master, or Lightly Armored (GM’s discretion).

Thereafter, any creature that attunes the tactician’s treatise can use that feat as if they possessed it, as long as they meet its prerequisites. When found, a tactician’s treatise already contains one randomly determined combat feat scribed within its pages. When you attune the book, you can replace the stored feat with a different feat if you wish.

You can spend 1 round instructing a willing creature that can hear you in the use of the feat within the tactician’s treatise. If they meet the prerequisites, they gain the benefit of that feat for as long as they maintain concentration on it, up to 1 minute.

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