Teapot of Serenity

Wondrous item, uncommon

An elaborate green and white crackled glaze highlights the otherwise plain smooth, round teapot. Its small lid is topped with a single white bead of glass while a smooth handle twists gently out of the back. When used to brew tea as part of a traditional tea ceremony, a spellcaster can imbue the tea prepared in the pot with one of the following magical effects. They can use each one of the effects 1 time per day on 6 people.

Sacred bond: All imbibers become connected to the teapot’s owner. For the next hour, the teapot owner can use cure wounds spells on the drinkers of the tea with a range of 100 feet.

Sanctuary: All imbibers gain +2d8 temporary hit points, but any damage they deal with attacks (including spells or other special abilities) for one hour is reduced by 1d4.

Unbreakable heart: All imbibers gain advantage on saving throws against mind-affecting effects that cause charm or confusion for 1 hour.

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