Teapot of the Mountain

Wondrous item, uncommon

Fashioned from red clay finished with light gray glaze, this side-handled teapot has the image of a mountain painted on the side with crisp, bold strokes implying the work of the emperor’s scribe.

When used to brew tea as part of a traditional tea ceremony, a spellcaster can imbue the tea prepared in the pot with one of the following magical effects, each time the tea can affect 6 people.

Endure elements: All imbibers take no penalties from hot or cold environments, and any cold or fire damage they take is reduced by 5 points.

Resistance: The teapot’s owner may choose to grant all imbibers a +1 bonus on all saving throws for one hour, or a +1d4 bonus to one type of saving throws (such as Constitution or Wisdom saving throws) for 1 hour.

Stone fist: All imbibers have their fists harden into stone, allowing them to strike with them as if they were clubs for 1 hour. While their fists are stone, imbibers have disadvantage on Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) checks, but they have resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage that specifically targets their hands (such as from a trap).

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