Teapots, Magical

These exquisitely crafted teapots come in shapes and designs typical to the region of the crafter and allow a spellcaster to imbue tea with additional medicinal or spiritual properties, which can then be shared with small groups of up to six individuals, as part of a ritualized tea ceremony. To use the teapot, a spellcaster must sacrifice a spell slot of 2nd level or higher while brewing the tea, transferring some of its magical energies into the tea. Magical teapots are keyed to specific spells usually grouped by a theme such as healing or courage.

Once the brewed tea is blessed, it may be consumed hot as part of a ceremony. If the not consumed as part of a ceremony or the tea turns cold, it loses its magical properties. Similarly, the brewed tea cannot hold the spell effect for more than 10 minutes, even if kept hot by magical means. While one may brew as much tea as desired in the magical teapot, only a single batch of ceremonial tea can be enchanted within 24-hour period and further attempts only yield mundane tea. Preparing, serving, and consuming the tea in a tea ceremony takes 10 minutes.

Physical Properties: Teapots are small, spouted vessels capable of holding no more than six cups of water. They can be made of clay, ceramic, or cast iron and a handle protruding from the side or back, or a swing handle arching over the top.

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