Tear of Paradise

Wondrous item, artifact

This massive crystal is roughly drop-shaped, larger at the bottom and extending to a spire-like top, and it glows with intense golden light.

Repositories of life energy, the tears of paradise were crafted as a biomagical network of artifacts that controlled the complex interactions of a planet’s biosphere, modulating its weather patterns in harmony with the growth of plants and microorganisms to aid fertility and create a paradise.

Within the area of a tear of paradise, a constant control weather effect moderates extremes of temperature, wind and precipitation. Any magical effect that would produce extremes of weather or wind fails unless the caster succeeds on an ability check (using spellcasting ability) against a DC 25; even if successful, the range, area, and duration of the effect are halved and ability checks to dispel these effects gain a +10 bonus. Effects that specifically harm or ward out plant life, such as blight, or that create harmful plant-based effects such as entangle or wall of thorns are likewise affected. The duration of plant growth and goodberry spells is doubled within the area.

A lone tear of paradise affects a 50-mile radius, but they can be linked together to create vast networks, with the power of each tear enhancing that of the others. A network with at least two tears of paradise increases the radius of each to 100 miles. A network of at least 10 tears of paradise increases the radius of each to 200 miles, and at least 20 tears of paradise to 500 miles, and at least 50 tears of paradise to a 1,000-mile radius for each.

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