Technomantic Countermeasure

Wondrous item (technological), very rare

Technomantic countermeasures are small devices weighing just a pound that prevent magical meddling in electronic or mechanical systems. The DC of checks to magically alter or disrupt the target’s function increases by 5. If an effect allows the machine to make a saving throw (including using the saving throw of its wielder or wearer), it gains advantage on that save.

A technomantic countermeasure can be connected to protect up to four technological or technomantic devices in addition to the first. However, all connected devices must be within 30 feet of the technomantic countermeasure, but the necessary wiring and technomagical connections cost an additional 500 gp and requires an additional day of work for each additional piece of equipment it protects. A technomantic countermeasure can be connected wirelessly to devices within 30 feet, but this doubles the cost to 1,000 gp per connection and increases the time required to install by 1 week.

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