Teeth of Old Naga-Nar

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

A normal rat has four incisors, the teeth used for gnawing. A normal wererat has eight incisors. Saint Naga-Nar was a completely obsessed zealot of Chittr’k’k, and the stories claim he had twelve incisors, all of which became holy items on his death. Each such tooth grants its bearer the ability to cast gnaw once per day. Anyone carrying two or more teeth can also cast conjure rats once per day. Anyone with a necklace of four or more of his teeth can also cast Chittr’k’k’s soul fire or spoil food and water once per day. (See Spells of the Rat Cult in Chapter 6 for the spells used by the Teeth of Old Naga-Nar.)

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