The Aegis

Armor (shield), artifact (requires attunement)

Forged by the Cyclopes in Hephaestus’ forge, the Aegis is a mighty shield that protects the wearer from harm and strikes terror into their enemies. The Aegis is wielded by Zeus and often given to Athena in battle. It bears the visage of the Gorgoneion, the head of Medusa. According to The Iliad, the Aegis produced a sound as from a myriad of roaring dragons. Golden tassels decorated the rim of the shield, each worth a hundred oxen. Power and terror come to the battlefield where the Aegis is wielded.

  • Protection of the Forge. While holding this shield, you have a +4 bonus to AC. This bonus is in addition to the shield’s normal bonus to AC.
  • Hand of the Thunder God. While wielding the Aegis, as an action you can cast one of the following spells— call lightning, thunderwave, and lightning bolt. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, with all charges restored at the dawn.
  • Gaze of the Gorgon. As an action, you may hold forth the Aegis and unleash the magnificent power within. All creatures within a 15-foot cone must make a DC 17 Charisma saving throw. If they fail, they are petrified. If they succeed, they gain the frightened condition
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