The Golden Fleece

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

As Phrixus, prince of Orchomenus, was about to be sacrificed due to the jealous rage of his stepmother Ino, he was saved by the winged golden ram, Chrysomallos. This savior was sent by the spirit of his mother, Nephele. Phrixus was delivered to Colchis and there sacrificed the ram to the gods as thanks for his life. He skinned the Golden Fleece from the ram and hung it from an oak tree in Ares’ sacred grove. In Colchis, he befriended King Aeëtes and joined his family by marrying one of his daughters. The Golden Fleece was then guarded by a vicious dragon who never slept.

Some time later, the hero Jason and his companions, the Argonauts, landed on Colchis in search of the Golden Fleece. Jason’s quest was to retrieve the Golden Fleece to assume the throne his uncle Pelias had stolen from his father. King Aeëtes assumed that Jason would attempt to usurp his own throne and gave him three impossible tasks to complete before attaining his prize. With the help of the sorceress Medea, the king’s own daughter, Jason overcame these tasks and retrieved the Golden Fleece. Rightful Heir. The holder of the Golden Fleece is known to all as the true ruler. While you hold the fleece, those around you know without a doubt that you belong in a position of authority.

Whether it be the leader of a small group or the monarch of a vast empire, those who see you with the fleece cannot question your claim. You must, however, have some natural claim to the authority you hold with the Golden Fleece. You may not enter a foreign land with the fleece and proclaim yourself king expecting the people to rally behind you.

Cult of Personality. While attuned to the Golden Fleece, you gain advantage on all Charisma skill and ability checks. Object of Desire. While obtaining the Golden Fleece is a powerful boon, it comes at the steep price of knowing others will always want to take it from you. The Golden Fleece is so widely known and undisputed in its power of authority that adventurers from far and wide will go through momentous efforts to retrieve it.

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