The Great Lighthouse

Wondrous item, relic

This relic is staggeringly complex. The lighthouse appears as a gigantic golden sphere, its many layers humming with arcane energies while countless components clang and grind to the sound of a thousand mechanical systems. To date, none but the founders have unlocked its full power.

While unattuned, the relic has the following properties:

  • Banishment. As an action, a creature wielding the relic can banish a creature it is aware of. A creature so banished is returned to its plane of origin or a plane of the wielder’s choice to which is attuned via its Planar Attunement feature. A creature so banished cannot return for a period of up to 100 years, the duration of which is chosen by the wielder when the banishment occurs. When a creature is banished in this manner, a great bell rings out that can be heard by all creatures around the world.
  • Dimensional Ward. When a non-Deific creature attempts to enter the local interdimensional space occupies, its journey can be delayed for up to 1 hour. During this time, the wielder of the relic can determine the creature’s true nature, creature type, and whether it is Epic or not. Additionally, the wielder can choose to deny the creature entry, forcing it to reappear in the nearest unoccupied space to where it left.
  • Divine Protocol. When a Deific creature attempts to enter the local interdimensional space, the wielder of the relic can choose to have the creature appear in an unoccupied space of the wielder’s choice within the House of the Eternal.
  • Exile. By engaging in 1 hour of strenuous activity, the wielder of the relic can exile a creature within the area of local interdimensional space. A creature so exiled appears in an unoccupied space in a random plane in a random universe that is not its home universe.
  • Interdimensional Portal. When the relic opens a portal to a universe to which it is attuned via its Planar Attunement feature, the portal always opens on a plane (chosen by the wielder) within that universe, and a corresponding portal opens within 1,000 feet of the relic. Both portals are up to 100 feet wide and 50 feet tall and must appear in unoccupied spaces. Additionally, each portal has an entry and exit side. Anything that passes through a portal’s entrance appears in the nearest unoccupied space at the corresponding portal’s exit. The wielder of the relic can take an action to manually open or close a portal opened with this feature or schedule the relic to open or close portals to various attuned planes on a time schedule. During ordinary hours of operation, the relic opens a single portal to each attuned plane once per day for a period of 1 hour.
  • Planar Attunement. The relic can be attuned to any number of universes through a specific plane within that universe. The number of universes the relic is attuned to is determined by the GM, though the relic can attune to additional universes via its Universe Tunneling feature.
  • Universe Tunneling. By spending 12 hours of strenuous activity working the relic’s complex machinery, the wielder can attempt to attune the relic to a new universe. Doing so requires a successful DC 50 Epic Intelligence (Arcana) check, or the attempt fails. The target universe and plane within is chosen randomly unless the wielder possesses an object from a universe they wish to target, in which case only the plane is chosen randomly. On a success, the relic opens a portal to a plane in that universe for 24 hours. If the wielder closes the portal before 24 hours have passed, the relic does not become attuned to the plane and cannot benefit from its Planar Attunement feature. Using this feature is extremely dangerous. Many universes are home to incredibly hostile beings that would threaten the safety of Nexus, so many consider this feature not worth the risk. This feature has only been attempted twice since the founders vanished from Nexus, and only once was it successful, though the cost was extraordinarily high.


Becoming attuned to the relic requires one discover 10 new universes using its Universe Tunneling feature and spend at least 1 continuous year exploring universes so discovered. Additionally, the relic can be attuned to up to seven creatures simultaneously in this manner. While attuned, the relic gains the following properties in addition to its unattuned properties: Remote Control. While you are not incapacitated, you can use any of the relic’s features as though you were wielding it from its command center.

Survey. By engaging in 1 week of strenuous activity, the wielder can use the relic to survey a universe before visiting it. A creature that does so learns the target universe’s cosmology (how many planes or planets it possesses) along with the number and nature of Deific beings within.


The relic has 100 charges. Any time it uses its Banishment or Exile feature, it loses 1 charge if the target was a non-Epic creature, 20 charges if it was an Epic creature, or 50 charges if it was a Deific creature. If the relic ever has 0 charges, it is destroyed. The relic regains all expended charges at end of each year.

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