Thermal Salts

Wondrous item, uncommon

Thermal salts consist of a 4-inch long rectangular soft mesh pouch filled with small salt-like crystals.

When crushed the salts cause a chemical reaction that releases a substantial amount of thermal energy, rapidly heating any material it touches in a 5-foot-diameter. The effect and duration is similar to heat metal without the need for a bonus action, however the salts work on any matter. If the material heated is combustible, the object bursts into flames.

Similarly, plastic, glass, or similar materials melt if reduced to 0 hp, liquids vaporize, and computer consoles or other electronic devices burn out. If activated thermal salts contact with the flesh a living creatures, they determine all damage using a d10 instead of a d8. Thermal salts can only be used once and upon cooling down, the crystals become inert.

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